Road Trip: Lewes Delaware #1

I’m leaving in 11 days for a festival in Lewes, Delaware, the annual Sea Glass and Coastal Arts Festival.  Who doesn’t love sea glass and coastal arts?  Or is it just me?

I’m splurging on a four-star hotel because it’s situated in the festival zone.  At their price per night, it had better be awesome!

On a personal note, I’m still grieving over the loss of my cat, but when I think about the nightmare in Orlando, Florida (50 dead, over 50 wounded — Allah Akbar!), my cat should seem so much less important.  But she isn’t.

2 thoughts on “Road Trip: Lewes Delaware #1

  1. Elisabeth Parker

    To borrow from Hinduism for a moment: every life and every soul is a miracle. And, because she was a cat this lifetime does not mean her life and death is without meaning. Orlando is a tragedy 103 times, but Mina’s death is a tragedy to her family. Don’t feel bad about feeling bad.

    • Thankk you! This is a lovely thought and really did make me feel better.

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