Triptych – Regular Edition

In the paperback version, there is, as a bonus, the first chapter of Depression Carpenter.

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Award: Metal was honored with a Five Stars Reader Favorites’ Award

Triptych: a Mechanical Romance
It takes three to make a decent love triangle — a triptych. Hannah has just driven across the country to take a job in Phoenix as a press room manager for the city newspaper. She’s never had such a responsible position before and is worried she’s made a huge mistake. Upon arriving in town, she accidentally meets Warrior, the man who lost a promotion to the job that she will bestarting. He’s smart and talented, but he’s entirely tattooed, makinghim a poor representative for a conservative newspaper. What Hannah doesn’t know is that her ex-boyfriend has also moved to Phoenix, and is Warrior’s bike mechanic. Declan, a charmer who never grew up, is definitely excited to see Hannah again. But Warrior is losing the chip on his shoulder and is warming up to his new boss. Can these three figure it out before the newspaper closes the press room permanently?

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