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Coffee Bean Key

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1 coffee bean day-old, cold coffee
2 coffee beans unpleasant aftertaste
3 coffee beans a passable, serviceable brew
4 coffee beans bold and flavorful
5 coffee beans kept me awake reading it



Lottery Tickets

Lottery Tickets   When I was young, I would see photos of lottery winners in the newspaper, or in TV ads, and, bizarrely to me, it was 99% older people.  When asked what they would do with the money, it was always to put the grandchildren through college.  I have no grandchildren, but I now…


Bad News for Java

Bad News for Java Two months ago, I thought I had a mild but painful foot injury that happened in the gym.  This morning I found out from the podiatrist that it’s much worse.  One of my toes has lost all its cartilege, making it very painful to walk.  Seeing the x-rays made me uncomfortable.…