Bad News for Java

Two months ago, I thought I had a mild but painful foot injury that happened in the gym.  This morning I found out from the podiatrist that it’s much worse.  One of my toes has lost all its cartilege, making it very painful to walk.  Seeing the x-rays made me uncomfortable.

The podiatrist and I are starting a low-level fix, but if the lower level fixes don’t work, surgery will be the ulimate answer.  In the meantime: “Try to keep it straight.”

2 thoughts on “Bad News for Java

  1. Elisabeth Parker

    So sorry that it is serious. Aging is one disappointment after another, I fear. Suggest that you get podiatrist to recommend brand and style of shoe best for your feet. Hubby and I both had (different) foot troubles that improved a lot changing shoe brands with specific podiatrist recommendations. Hope surgery can be avoided, but will send positive thought that conservative treatment will do the job.

  2. Jay

    Oh ouch. Oh fuss. Oh bother. Oh noooooo.

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