Book Review: The Shekinah Legacy, by Gary Lindberg


The Shekinah Legacy is the story of religious cabals, sometimes allied, sometimes enemies, and their search for the bones of Jesus.  While religion is a huge part of the plot, I didn’t see this book as a religious work.  The book is also called Book 1 of the Charlotte Ansari series. The unlikeable and unsympathetic Charlotte, a CCN reporter, leads the action throughout, with her 12-year-old autistic son in tow.  Greg’s Asperger’s abilities make him a natural for figuring out how the clues add up.  His Asberger’s personality is well-developed.

The action takes place from Minnesota, USA, to India, where one of the lost Jewish tribes supposedly ended up.  The story also involves Charlotte’s parents, a missing mother and a religious scholar father.  In childish fashion, Charlotte loves the romantic memory of a mother who disappeared, and hates the father who stayed behiind to raise her.  But dad has built a rich, full, international life without his family. From the start, Charlotte has been led to believe that she is saving her mother’s life.

In the search for the artifacts, young Greg turns to a Bible he found at a crime scene to help him make mathematical connections to move forward in the adventure.  The Shekinah Legacy’s readers meet many characters, both lovable and despicable, who want to help him and who want to stop him.

I found this story to be a riipping good yarn, but I can’t give it the full five coffee beans because of the ending, which was a huge let-down.  It was as though you were running a race and near the end of the race, someone took the tape away, and you’re wondering how to cross the finish line when there is none.

The Shekinah Legacy (A Charlotte Ansari Thriller Book 1)

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