Update: Mina, My Cat

If you missed my previous post about Mina, she’s 16 and she’s dying.  Her thyroid, gall bladder, and liver are a mess.  She’s turned yellow, stopped eating, and she’s ticcing alot.  She weighs almost nothing, and her skin is so loose, we have to be careful picking her up, avoiding folding her skin on itself and hurting her.

My husband and I are hearbroken, and so are Mina’s veterinarians.  All of us are powerless to do anything more than love her and try to feed her.  Quite literally, every new day with her is so precious.

I know that all of you fellow pet owners are nodding in sympathy.  Thank you for that.

One thought on “Update: Mina, My Cat

  1. Elisabeth Parker

    So sorry for Mina and you guys

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