Update 3, My Cat Mina

2016-04-23 10.39.01

My cat Mina, shaved, living on sips of water and no food.

Mina is still with us.  She is surviving on water because she hasn’t eaten in weeks.  Once a day, I still try to feed her, but she’s nauseated by the smell of food now.

I hardly go out these days, and I haven’t been to the gym in weeks.  I want to be holding Mina when her time finally comes.

In another arena, if you are an indie author or small publishing house, you may have heard about Publishers Weekly’s subsidiary company, BookLife.  Ordering a review from PW can cost $500, but requesting a review on BookLife is free.  You have to be brave enough to load your book, your cover, and a sample.  I jumped in with both feet and uploaded all of mine.  Two of my titles, Commune and Metal, were under consideration for free reviews, but now they’ve both been rejected.  This is a tough blow to me, because those reviews could finally launch my “author career,” but the good news, of course, is that the process was totally free.  If anyone else takes this plunge, I’d love to hear that you had success with this process.  Please share if you do.

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