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Do any of you get inspired by home and garden reality shows to make some changes?  An old show called Design on a Dime made me challenge myself to redo the kitchen for under $1,000, and I met the challenge with just pennies to spare.  Other shows caused me to paint over most of the ugly paneling in the house, paint and refinish furniture, remove fake wainscoting, take down wallpaper, and take up broken and cracked vinyl floor tiles and finish the concrete beneath them.  Then, there are the projects that I had to pay other people to do for me.

Why is this on my mind?  I’ve started watching a show called Flea Market Flip.  The theme of this one is that you buy junk at a flea market, refurbish it in some way, and resell it for a big profit.  This is causing me to look at my ugly, second-hand breakfront, and think: “Project”!

Now, I just need a bottle of decoupage glue and a solid week of sunshine.

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