Book Review: Route 66 to the Milky Way, Janet Rendall

I’ve read buckets of sci-fi over the years, and I can say in all honesty that this is the most intelligent sci-fi book I’ve ever read, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  AND a first novel, TOO??  Dang!

The action takes place in 1949, along Route 66 in the USA.  For those of you not from the States, Route 66 is a famous road trip road, with loads written about it.  In the book, aliens from a plant-based planet arrived, 8 years earlier, to gather seeds and spores to take back, through a special conduit, to their home planet of Zotosphar.  The two aliens, known on Earth as Homer and May, had taken over the bodies of two humans who had died a few minutes earlier, and, after 8 years, there would be problems disengaging from the earth bodies.  The situation is further complicated by the fact that Homer may not actually wish to go home, May, the navigator, can’t find the special conduit, plus she is now pregnant and doesn’t want to harm “the seedling.”

Aliens from a different planet have already been to Earth. They were killed, cut up, and studied at the famous Area 51, hidden in New Mexico. If J. Edgar Hoover has his way, the Zotospharans will suffer the same fate.  He is directly overseeing an FBI effort, headed by Frank Ryder, an experienced agent, to find the aliens and get them to Area 51 as quickly as possible.  The nascent CIA has been duped by a rumor that May is a Russian spy, so they’re after her, too.

After 8 years on Earth, May is still confused, unable to distinguish between science and advertising.  She thinks that the Rocket 88 car they drive might have a connection to their lost conduit. Milky Way candy bars might also help.  So would sleeping at the Galaxy Motel, or eating Planet Burgers.

Homer, May, and Frank, have variety of adventures, some good, some scary.  I enjoyed this book from cover to cover.

Route 66 to the Milky Way

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Route 66 to the Milky Way, Janet Rendall (5 coffee beans)

  1. Sherry

    I also read it and LOVED every line!!! This is not even my genre of science fiction but it doesn’t feel like it. GREAT FIRST NOVEL!! I hear there is a sequel in the works. Can’t wait!!

    • Sherry, thank you for your additional endorsement of a very worthy book.

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