The Love of Fountain Pens


2013 Cross fountain pen celebrating The Year of the Snake (Chinese astrology)

The pen of pens, the Mont Blanc













Have any of you ever used a real fountain pen? I’m guessing it’s probably a 50/50 coin toss.  I fell in love with fountain pens literally at my father’s knee, playing with his Mont Blanc, the brand with the little white edelweiss flowers at the top.  When I was in high school, we were required to write our school papers with fountain pens.  I was so excited to get my very own.

I recently bought this fountain pen to add to my collection, a Cross pen celebrating The Year of the Snake, the year I was born into. The crazy thing is that I have almost no reason to write things with a pen anymore.  When I do write with a pen, my hand refuses to hold one for very long.  Some days, I can’t hold one at all, thanks to my longtime friend, Arthritis.

But love is often blind, as is my love for fountain pens.

2 thoughts on “The Love of Fountain Pens

  1. Jay Korman

    I just had Grandpa’s Parker Jacknife Safety Penn repaired & polished. Writes a bit stiff but lays down a good line of ink. Not used to the nib yet.

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