Surgery Tomorrow

Yes, this is my eye.

It’s a hoot to make fun of people who get plastic surgery, calling them vain and self-absorbed.  I do it myself, even though I’ve had my face reconstructed, correcting some of the results of child abuse.  Tomorrow, I’m getting my eyelids lifted.  It will give me another 1/3 range of vision.  I’m looking forward to not constantly moving my eyelids out of my way, but between you and me, it’s scary to have surgery so close to my eyes.

One of my extended family (a nurse) will be with me for the day as my official chauffeur and emotional support.  SHE’s not worried, which is also providing a small amount of comfort.  But as scared as I might be, it’s my husband who’s really frightened.  He’s not a good care-giver and he’s afraid of what it could mean to take care of me for a few days.

Is there still time to train one or both of the dogs to be service animals?


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