In-Law Harangue

I’m not sure why my sister-in-law hates me and ignores her brother, my husband, but that’s our truth.  At Thanksgiving, she made my husband sleep on the floor while her children and grandchildren (4 and 6) got all the beds in the house.  So disrespectful to my husband, who grew up in that house.The house we gather at is my mother-in-law’s now empty house.  It’s creepy to be in there now, like being in a funeral home waiting for the mortician to greet you.  I have to bring my own bedding, prompting a quick trip to Target, which was filled with frantic, stressed shoppers.  I felt so bad for them, and I prayed that the recipients of their presents would be happy and grateful.

My father-in-law died several years ago, and my mother-in-law moved into senior housing earlier in 2016.  So, as I said, the house is left empty, and my sister-in-law is the undisputed matriarch of the clan.  And, as I also said, she hates me and ignores her brother.  She could be redeemed if she were a decent cook or a sparkling conversationalist.  Alas, neither is the case.  She insists on dominating all conversation, and the rest of us dare not speak out of turn.  Except for me, of course, although out of respect for my husband, I say about 1/10 of what’s really on my mind.

I’ll be bringing the joy and the cheer with me, so that the cloud that is my sister-in-law won’t ruin everyone’s good time.

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