Embarrassing Moment Challenge

I am challenging every one of you to share your most embarrassing road trip moment with the rest of us.  I’ll start.

With apologies to all the men out there, my most embarrassing road trip moment took place in the ladies’ room.  I was three hours away from my destination when I got my period suddenly (thank you, Menopause!).  Not wanting to bleed on the seat of my new car, I raced into the nearest McDonald’s and ran directly to the ladies’ room.  I was alone.  I disrobed from the waist down and began to scrub out my clothes in the sink.

Enter a mom holding the hand of a little girl, with me in full view, naked from the waist down.  I shrieked: “I’m not a weirdo!  I got my period and I’m washing out the blood!”  The mom calmly replied: “It’s happened to all of us,” and blithely walked herself and her little girl to the stalls.

The only thing more embarrassing would have been using the men’s room by mistake.

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2 thoughts on “Embarrassing Moment Challenge

  1. Dirk

    Oh my God we must be siblings separated @ birth! I had managed to slop barbecue sauce on my shirt during a road trip to do field training in one of our showrooms. I headed for the rest room, took the 1st left that would have put me in the men’s room @ home, shucked out of my suit coat & removed my shirt & was industriously scrubbing away at it when one of the toilets flushed and a very attractive woman exited her stall. We locked eyes in the mirror & an amused smile spread across her lips.

    I turned to stammer out my excuse and my apology and got the once over as I tried to find something like a coherent explanation. She stepped up to the sink as though this happened every day, still smiling & shaking her head. On her way out the door she patted me condescendingly on the shoulder & kept walking. When I got myself back together, I scrammed and paid for dinner under the amused eyes of the woman and several of her friends, sitting two tables away.

    • Congratulations! That definitely qualifies as embarrassing!

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